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Eco Garden Market was formed with the basic idea of sourcing premium food products that are produced in an eco-sustainable manner. We only choose products from producers who, like us, are committed to reducing waste and supporting recycling at all stages of production.
By buying from us you are helping to preserve the environment while still obtaining the highest quality products available for food savvy consumers.

Our Mushrooms and Vegetables are not dried but dehydrated at the temperature of 38 degrees Celsius! This method effectively preserves all the vitamins and nutrients unlike dried methods, which are held at higher temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. That is why our Mixes are PREMIUM QUALITY: an easy and delicious way to ingest essential amino acids, a full spectrum of vitamins B and C, rich in fibre and with high quality proteins from mushrooms.


Dehydrated Mushroom Recipes You Have To Try NOW

Pasta Risotto mix is an ideal way to stay Slim & Healthy

Make Your Perfect Meal Using Organic Dried Mushrooms

Recipes for a contemporary way of life!

Vegan Friendly

Enjoy some traditional dishes, now with an unusual mushroom twist.

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