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Ragù Mix


Our Mushrooms and Vegetables are not dried but dehydrated at the temperature of 38 degrees Celsius! That is why our Mixes are PREMIUM QUALITY: easy and delicious way to ingest essential amino acids, full spectrum of vitamins B and C, rich in fibers and with high quality proteins from mushrooms.

Ingredients: Dried champignon (White button mushroom), dried carrot, dried onion, dried cabbage, dried red pepper, dried green pepper, dried zucchini

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  • ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS – Mushroom, Carrot, Onion, Cabbage, Zucchini, Parsley, Celery, Tomato, Green and Red Pepper. We value your health, so only the best ingredients go into Ekofungi Premium set of 3 bundle.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Non-GMO,Vegan Friendly,No Artificial ingredients, HACCP , Gluten free.Ideal for healthy nourishment for men, women and kids. Whether you are a occupied professional,retired, athlete or a student Ekofungi is a perfect addition to your meal.
  • EASY TO USE – Convenient to prepare, no washing, peeling or chopping. Or you can snack on them, raw. Imagine how much time you will be able to save by not having to pre-prep the veggies, just cook. Our product solves the problem of healthy, organic, highly nutritious food which is easily prepared.
  • NATURAL DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – Balance your diet with the best veggies and mushrooms from nature. Ekofungi is the fast,easy delicious way to ingest essential amino acids,full spectrum of vitamin B and vitamin C. Rich in fibers and with high quality proteins from mushrooms, our product will provide a boost to your digestive system and ensure that your body receives all essential nutritive ingredients it needs while at the same time providing you with a perfect formula for a long and healthy life.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE – Your daily intake of vegetables and mushrooms should not only provide impressive benefits, it should also have a delicious taste. After a diligent year in the making, we are proud to finally offer you a premium organic mix that is both delicious and healthy. We took our time to get our recipe perfect, and the Ekofungi combination is something you’re actually going to enjoy. Trust us, you’re going to love it!
Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 24 cm


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